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  • A Look At The Younique Compensation Plan

    Posted on December 1st, 2010 Mark No comments

    A Look At The Younique Compensation Plan

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    Home Page > Marketing > MLM > A Look At The Younique Compensation Plan

    A Look At The Younique Compensation Plan

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    Posted: Dec 01, 2010 |Comments: 0


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    A Look At The Younique Compensation Plan

    By: Michael Makahamadze

    About the Author

    To build a duplicatable and very successful Younique Wealth MLM Business, you need to sponsor and teach your reps to do the same. To find out how to help your reps duplicate your success as a Younique Wealth Independent Business Owner, you need to learn the inside secrets to generating leads & instant cash flow for your Home Business.

    (ArticlesBase SC #3767215)

    Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/A Look At The Younique Compensation Plan


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    Younique’s Compensation Plan was designed to alleviate one of the biggest problems faced by most network marketers: attrition. The Younique Wealth compensation plan helps MLM Distributors in this regard.

    Based on MLM Industry statistics collected over 75 years, the average MLM Distributor only ever recruits roughly 2 people into their organization. Attrition kicks in after about 90 days and the average distributor leaves the company if they are not making money within this period.

    Younique Wealth Systems’ Pay Plan – Meant For The Average Independent Business Owner

    Younique Wealth Systems took all this information into consideration and designed this pay plan to help the average MLM Distributor have a greater chance of success with their home business.

    With the Younique Wealth Systems compensation plan, MLM Distributors focus on recruiting two distributors, and then go on to teach their recruits to do the same.

    In theory, this could result in a large residual income, if everyone puts in the necessary work and effort and duplication results. This is based on Younique Wealth’s simplistic, yet powerful and easy-to-understand compensation plan.

    Younique Wealth Independent Business Owners

    If you are a qualified independent business owner, you can receive Younique commissions and bonuses. To become a qualified Younique Independent Business Owner, one must purchase a qualifying product. The qualifying product is Younique’s Gold And Silver Qualifying Joining Product (Business License). The Younique Wealth Systems Qualifying product costs US$149 and enables the independent distributor to take part in Younique’s pay plan.

    Participating in Younique’s compensation plan gives you:
    1. Customer Gold and Silver Retail Shop
    2. Younique’s Retails Bullion Nest Egg Savings Program
    3. Monthly Wealth Sense education program with Bullion Banker Philip Judge
    4. Gold and Silver wholesale shop
    5. Access to Younique’s Wholesale Bullion Nest Egg Savings Program
    6. Business Tools

    The products outlined above will govern the income you make under the Younique Wealth compensation plan.

    Making sense of the Younique Wealth Pay Plan

    To understand the Younique Wealth Compensation Plan, you need to understand about CV (commissionable volume). CV determines the payments and commissions made to Younique MLM Distributors. The Younique Wealth qualifying product for example, has a CV of 200 and pays a commission of 40%, which translates to US$80, to the first level. All other products have different CVs which determine the commission a distributor gets.

    Personal Savings Volume (PSV) is the total amount of CV points accumulated from all purchases of the Independent Business Owners plus the total amount of CV points from all personal customer Retail purchases.

    The total of Commissionable Volume and Personal Sales Volume within the IBO’s Group, is the Group Volume. Younique Wealth Systems’ pay plan pays bonuses and commissions based on the Group Volume collected within a calendar month, and this does not include the IBO’s own purchases.

    Making Sense Of Younique’s Pay Plan

    Younique pays commissions and bonuses to qualified Independent Business Owners. These bonuses and commissions are paid based on customer retail sales, wholesale product purchases, gold and silver customer nest egg savings, uni-level pay plan commissions and recognition reward bonuses.

    Compression occurs where a Younique rep is not qualified. Commissions and payments due to the Younique distributor are paid to the next distributor in that downline.

    Younique distributors are not restricted on the number of personal customer retail sales they can make. The Younique Distributor is paid a bonus of 50% of the CV of the retail product.

    The Uni-level pay plan commissions are paid on the 200CV of all qualifying wealth product paid orders from the 1st 13 compressed levels of the group in each calendar month. A percentage is paid on each level, with 40% being paid on the 1st level.

    With the Younique Wealth Pay plan, distributors focus on recruiting 2 reps, and teaching them to do exactly the same. Potentially, this can result in a very large downline, and a large residual income for the MLM Distributor.

    The Younique Gold Tribe Recognition Bonus

    This is a performance-based reward over-and-above the Uni-level pay plan commissions. A small percentage (currently 2%) of Younique’s qualifying joining product CV is contributed towards the recognition bonus from worldwide sales.

    There are various ranks within the organization, as well as qualifications required to achieve them, and rewards for certain level.

    The Younique Wealth Pay Plan helps the average Independent Business Owner become cash-flow positive in the least amount of time possible.

    About the Author:
    To build a duplicatable and very successful Younique Wealth MLM Business, you need to sponsor and teach your reps to do the same. To find out how to help your reps duplicate your success as a Younique Wealth Independent Business Owner, you need to learn the inside secrets to generating leads & instant cash flow for your Home Business.
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